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Bohctab Ventures, Inc.

PO Box 12220
Baltimore, MD 21281

(410) 563-7480

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Our Services

Private Consultations

Throughout the year, we have received numerous requests from investors for private consultations. Investors have found this service very helpful since it focuses on one or several topics pertinent to their investment portfolio, goals, problems, or questions.

Consultations are available set rates. This is an excellent opportunity for a one on one "seminar" tailored to your requirements. Call us at 410-563-7480, 410-442-2060 or toll free at 866-855-7480 for details or to schedule your consultation.

Portfolio Review

Prior to purchasing an investment with us, we recommend a conference to discuss your investment needs, goals, and current property holdings. A meeting with Mr. Fell and Mr. Hearn will be a wonderful learning experience in the world of rental real estate. You will learn how to evaluate good deals as well as houses to avoid. You will learn about property registration in Baltimore City, lead paint risk reduction for tenant turnovers, and choices for how to take title to your investment property. You will learn how to invest with your retirement account and how to operate your investment business tax free using your ROTH or Traditional IRA. Let us help to see if you qualify. Plus, much, much more. Our Portfolio Review is an information-packed experience. Bring lots of pencils and paper to take notes.


Being a landlord is a daily education. As experienced landlords and hands on property owners, Baltimore Cash Flow Rentals can help improve your cash flow and productivity. As experienced investors, we can help you select profitable investment properties.

Real Estate Brokerage

We operate a fully licensed, full-service real estate brokerage company, Royal Realty, Inc. Our office subscribes to the Multiple Listing Service. Royal Realty can help you find that lovely primary residence or to find and list for sale your investment properties. Located in the heart of the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore City, Royal Realty is ready to serve you.

Retirement Accounts

We can show you how to self direct your retirement account for investments in real estate, mortgages, notes, and other cash flow instruments.

Contact us today and begin putting our services to work for enhanced cash flow to your retirement account. Don't forget to take a look at our Investors' Facts for more information.